Is this worth it?? 2009 G37x AWD Coupe Auto - 144,000 KMs for $9000

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Is this worth it?? 2009 G37x AWD Coupe Auto - 144,000 KMs for $9000

Postby mtx » Thu Aug 23, 2018 9:59 pm

My current car is dying and I told myself I'd move on to a G37 series whenever I get the chance to. I'm currently negotiating with a private seller in Toronto, Ontario and wanted to hear your advice. If I end up buying this vehicle, this forum will be my #1 go-to resource :).

What do you guys think?? Is $9000 CAD worth it??

2009 G37x AWD Coupe, Automatic, all Premium Loaded, w/ Upgraded OZ Rims
3rd owner, some Nissan service records from 2016-17 are provided
144,000 KMs mileage
$9000 CAD
(no rebuilt status, no accidents)

I paid a "trusted" mechanic to do a quick 45 min inspection and test drive just to be sure. It came out "okay" (7/10 condition), decent enough for me to buy without having to spend money on major repairs. Underbody rust appeared to be normal or average. It's not perfect and there are some minor jobs that need to be done.

Mechanic's 45 min report:
-front sway bar end links and bushings (causing a clicking noise when car is moving slowly i.e. parking)
-front pads and rotors
-TPMS light (was upgraded to OZ rims without the tire sensors)
-new tires required asap
-head light restore due to hazing
-hood hinge and hood shocks (when you close hood it scratches frame)
-passenger safety handle (it fell off and is missing hinges/latches)
-window relearn (car wasn't driven for 2 months so battery drained out and needed to be recharged, thus causing the windows to lower everytime the door is closed; apparently this can be fixed easily thru Google/YouTube)


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