Is this 04 G35 worth 4K?

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Is this 04 G35 worth 4K?

Postby Maxmil982 » Mon Mar 29, 2021 7:46 am

The car is the sedan and the engine and transmission are good. It has 196K original miles and 105K miles on the motor that was swapped in. The guy says he hates to sell it but needs a truck for work. Here is a list of things he sent me:

-ALL 4 Oxygen Sensors have been replaced with NISSAN OEM sensors
-Brand new Seals and Gaskets in the engine replaced including valve cover gasket, head gasket, and rear main seals
-Brand new Nissan OEM A/C line
-Brand new Nissan Battery
-2 Brand new Catalytic Converters
-2 Brand new Fuel sending units
-New fuel pump & fuel filter
-Stop tech slotted/drilled front rotors
-Rear rotors have been resurfaced
-2 Brand new OEM Nissan brake calipers for rear
-New head light ballast for driver side headlight
-New OEM headlight bulbs
-PCV system has been replaced with Nissan OEM parts
-Brand new Cabin air filter
-New air intake
-Oil & filter changed every 3000 miles with Penzoil Platinum Full synthetic
-Brand New front wheel Bearings & hubs on drivers side and passenger side
I have recently replaced:
⁃ Front control arms have been replaced
-from lower ball joints have been replaced
⁃ compression rod and the ball joints attached to it have also been replaced

Considering all this is true is this a good deal?

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