iPod/iPhone integration 2006 G35X Sedan

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Car: 2006 G35X Sedan

iPod/iPhone integration 2006 G35X Sedan

Postby frouchi » Wed Mar 23, 2016 1:17 am

I just purchased my car and since it had Bluetooth I was expecting to be able to stream music from my iPhone 6 through the car speakers once paired. This did not happen! I have a PTY.Cat button with the radio on the front console/dash. Does anyone know if this means I still need to add Bluetooth for phone to function when playing music from iTunes as well as Spotify hardwired to the radio? And also have the music info show on the radio as well as being able to receive calls with steering wheel or radio buttons fully functioning? My desire is to hardwire connections for both the iPhone and an iPod with charging for each from the radio.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. I have been reading and reading trying to figure out how to do this to have it function as I want. I get very confused as to what brands would give quality sound (no hissing, etc coming through speakers) and ending up with all functioning well.

I don't want to destroy the look of the beautiful original wood grain dash by replacing with a new receiver...so wiring will have to work. I have someone to install for me. I just need to supply the components and I don't know what to buy...installer not able to advise since not buying products from his workplace for substantially higher price than I can get online. If anyone has any recommendations they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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