Infiniti FX50s Buzzing/Humming noise. Pls help.

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Car: Infiniti FX50s

Infiniti FX50s Buzzing/Humming noise. Pls help.

Postby subairck » Fri Jun 26, 2015 2:34 am

Hi Guys.
Would be grateful if anybody of you could explain a solution to below problems. My car is 2009 Model FX50s. 130,000. KM on it (Bought one month ago). Below are the problems i am facing..

1) Humming/Buzzing noise while i press the gas pedal. There is a humming sound coming while driving above 40km from underneath. When i don't press the gas pedal sound disappears. Sound is not there when i put in to neutral while driving. Tires are a little old. is tires are the problem or something else.

2) A slight vibration while hard acceleration. This happens only if i am driving at very high speed(stop and go drive). No problems while normal speed acceleration.

3) When i turn the AC on i could feel car is moving forward at signals even though i press the brake.

Thanks guys..

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Re: Infiniti FX50s Buzzing/Humming noise. Pls help.

Postby Danielmiao » Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:49 pm

I got the same issue when I bought my car. after I traveled so many dealership and tried two other FX50S, I found that noise is normal.

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