Infiniti FX35 sluggish after spark plug change

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Infiniti FX35 sluggish after spark plug change

Postby PAU43 » Thu Feb 22, 2018 7:46 pm

Put bocsh plugs in my FX35 put everything back together right and it didn't run right didn't start up with our it was sluggish put it on a computer stated that cylinder misfire replace ignition coils I'm thinking it was the wrong plug new plugs NGK iridium and it's still worse than what it was the first time when I put the Bosch plugs in it and I'm smelling gas the truck is still not running right with the new plugs what can I do is it the ignition coils
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Re: Infiniti FX35 sluggish after spark plug change

Postby macgiver » Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:31 pm

mac , sounds like you are changing plugs due to a new performance "problem" or was it supposed to be a maint. interval replacement and NOW you have this issue AFTER the install ?? Also a little confusion in your first sentence @ "didn't start up with our it was sluggish " , if there was something additional there . And are you saying that an attempted BOSCH install - done first was very unsatisfactory - causing you to " Redo" with the NGK IR 's ? And is the "misfire" just a one cyl. ? ALL ? or specifically which one - because if it's using a "Coil-Pack" (type Ign.)and one got damaged during the repair somehow , then you can swap the "named" cyl.'s Pack w/another one ,instead of diving in & uninstalling plugs (which probably have "Crush" washers - are supposed to be a "one time crush" :chuckle: ) Many times the pulling and "maneuvering of plug-wires and if 'n this case Coil-Pack wires & connecors - old / brittle wires can easily get damaged and may have to be tested w/multimeter - ie. "Ohmed-Out" for Hi-volt.plug wires &. "continuity" for Lo-volt Coil Pack wiring. G T 2/22/2018

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