ignition switch

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ignition switch

Postby JoseTotoPatlan » Mon Aug 12, 2019 12:22 pm

Hi my name is Jose I am a new member on this group and I have a question I have 92 240 sx I have problems every now and then to get it to start I have already change the ignition switch and the shift sensor I have check all the wiring the have to do with the ignition and everything the have something to do with it and still have the problem every now and then that I have to try it couple of times to get it to start ... so any suggestion on what to do or what to check next will be truly appreciated.

cole d
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Re: ignition switch

Postby cole d » Wed Jan 20, 2021 12:06 am

Sorry this is old thread but this questions needs to be answered as it is a problem that plagues many 240sx owners.

Your problem is the starter is not receiving a full 12volts (original ignition wire is worn out) so sometimes it starts sometime it just clicks which makes you think it is the starter itself. The starter wiring needs to be bypassed.

You will need a relay and wire it per below ; You will need to locate the large black/white wire in the fuse box next to the battery, this is the starter wire running from your ignition (please make sure to verify with volt meter before cutting any wires!!) this wire will be cut and spliced into the relay..

86 = Signal Wire FROM ignition (Black/White)
30 = 12V+ From battery (New Wire)
85 = Ground to body (New Wire)
87 = Signal wire TO starter (Black/White)

This will provide a new 12V signal to the starter, basically strengthening the worn/out wire from the ignition.

I found this after many hours of searching 240sx forums all thanks belongs to SentraDude on Zilvia

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Re: ignition switch

Postby Akuhyo » Fri Jan 29, 2021 7:37 am

cole d wrote:
Wed Jan 20, 2021 12:06 am
86 = Signal Wire FROM ignition (Black/White)
30 = 12V+ From battery (New Wire)
85 = Ground to body (New Wire)
87 = Signal wire TO starter (Black/White)
Hey, I have a question- since I'm doing ignition stuff on my car currently.

I had my multimeter out and was checking continuity throughout the car, one pin on ground and one pin at the black/red ignition wire that's on either the gray KA plug or brown KA plug. It has constant power regardless of key position, is this normal? Does it go to a switch or relay somewhere down the line?

Thank you!

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