I think this goes here.... New Z33 owner!

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I think this goes here.... New Z33 owner!

Postby dfj240 » Fri Dec 04, 2015 6:14 pm

Fresh meat!

Well sort of.

I've been on and off of these forums for several years dating back to when I had my very first S13 if I remember correctly. Certainly not a regular so I thought I'd (re)introduce myself.

I just picked up a 2003 350Z Touring about 2 weeks ago, and it's in pretty good shape for being 12 years old, but it needs some love. I picked up the car because the timing belt in my Acura CL jumped a tooth, and is now a 6 speed pile of metal that needs to go away.

The Z has ~198,000 miles on it. Original engine and transmission. Still runs quite well, but needs some TLC. When I bought the car, both passenger side lower control arms had bushings that probably wouldn't have held up to the rigors of supporting my 4 year old daughter's training wheels. BAD shape. Car pulled very hard to the right.
Radio in the car was poorly installed and only worked on FM radio, but not all that well because the antenna is split in half and patched with electrical tape.
Driver's seat has the typical side bolster wear, and the passenger's seat has some age and wear showing on the bottom cushion, though not insufferable.
Carpet has holes conveniently dug out on the driver's floorboard near the pedals for your feet to gently and awkwardly sink into.
Console had holes cut in it and some sort of switch that I still can't understand a purpose for.
Ashtray near the shifter area of the console has tabs broken so the ashtray can't sit properly in it.
Passenger side silver door pull garnish has tabs broken from a forced attempt at install
Passenger side window switch cover (trim piece) also has tabs broken
Poorly spray painted black factory touring 18's.
One lug stud snapped, and two cross-threaded.

I could keep going, but, in the end, they are all mostly little bits that can be improved upon without a ton of effort, time, or money, and allows a great opportunity to upgrade parts and pieces as I restore it.

So that was when I picked it up... Since then I have done/replaced:
2007 G35 17" Wheels (From my Maxima) - Tires are only 225 all the way around, so they are certainly not permanent, but tires are brand new and will suffice for now
Center console with all tabs accounted for, and no random holes or switches
Pioneer Double DIN Touchscreen Head Unit from my Acura (It doesn't need it any more)
Passenger Side Window Switch Cover
Factory Cup Holder Assembly (old one was just miserable)
All 4 front lower control arms (Forward and Rearward with ball joints)
Replaced snapped lug studs, and one of the cross-threaded studs - Ran out of time to finish the one remaining in the front... This weekend though...

Near Future Plans:
Lower front knuckle ball joints - Ordered and on their way
Battery bay cover - Ordered and on it's way - Current one has a small crack on the side
JWT Popcharger Intake - Ordered and on it's way - Current intake is OK, but seems to have a leak, possibly from the resonator (definitely before the MAFS)
Front sway bar end links - Ordered and on their way - Current ones are pretty worn. Perfect time for an upgrade to some better, adjustable pieces
Respray top engine cover - Previously owner took his wheel painting "skills" to the engine bay and sprayed the cover (poorly) white. Either repaint or replace
Full carpet - Have a lead on a good secondhand carpet set for a decent price that I may pick up this weekend, we'll see.
Shift knob - Haven't decided on a style, but the factory piece is worn and torn. May go NISMO leather, but also may go with a clean factory replacement as I do like the feel.
Polish and Wax the so-so paint to a half decent shine. Paint has some marks in it, though no major creases. Has some dullness, and plenty of swirl marks. This may be done tonight, in fact.

Also, has a lovely tapping noise on cold startup... Gee, I wonder what it could be? ;) Planning a full front engine refresh and reseal pretty soon for piece of mind and to get those tensioners and guides out and replaced. Parts list for that is coming together and I'm going to plan that one out, and make sure that I don't miss anything that can be done while the chains are off. Probably going to be February or March I think.

Anyway, since I know that all threads of this kind are useless without pics, here are a couple, though I haven't taken many at all yet, and none are very good.... And none are of the interior... Enjoy!


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Re: I think this goes here.... New Z33 owner!

Postby evildky » Mon Dec 07, 2015 10:30 am

Welcome to nico! Sounds like you have quite a few projects planned. be sure to keep us posted with your progress.

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