I have a FAIL SAFE MODE problem

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I have a FAIL SAFE MODE problem

Postby onelly23 » Wed Aug 29, 2018 5:06 am

Take a look at this attached image at https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ak-il_2OqlPNks9R5PjAAEwyMiryBA. All the mode listed on the picture is what my infiniti fx35 is currently on. When i scanned it, i got the U1001 in the freeze frame. I have cleaned all grounds i know of, even the ones behind the dashboard, yet the truck is stuck on this mode. I did a test yesterday by disconnecting the head light and radiator fan fuses on the IPDM, but to my surprise, the radiator and the headlight was still stuck on without their fuses on the IPDM. What this means, is that power has bypassed the fans and headlight fuses on the IPDM and is supplying power to the components. I have replaced the IPDM with a used one and the fault still persist.
My cars problem includes;
I cant use my headlights cos its stuck 'ON' on low, even when the switch is in off position
I cant use my fog lights, cos power is not sent to it.
I cant use my AC, cos no power to compressor
I cant use my front wiper cos no power is sent to it, since it was off when the fail safe mode initiated
I cant use Rear defogger cos no power is sent to it
My radiator and AC fans are stuck 'ON' on high, and runs all through as soon the car's ignition is turned on and also while driving. It only shuts off when ignition is turned off.

I have performed the IPDM active test and nothing happened, my door switch is fine.

What could be wrong with the fx35? Could it be a bad ECM, BCM or still the IPDM?

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