HR 6MT V36 clutch change...doing it perfectly wrong

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Hey erybody... I'm a NICO club 'member' since like 2000 or something. I remember my original membership packet included two tiny NICO stickers that i actually still have.

Just joined the site recently while researching for my clutched replacement on a 2007 G35 Sedan.

So far I got my center console off, exhaust out, trans drained, & driveshaft off while waiting for parts.

I have my JWT clutch kit, JWT CSC... Just waiting on FI test pipes, and about to order a master cylinder, fluids, and looking for a one piece stainless clutch line. While I'm in the vicinity... Seriously thinking about a new starter also.

This is me just checking in with the community... Talking about my project a little.

Uncle Moti... Or just call me Ray UM

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