How to remove the tcm?

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How to remove the tcm?

Postby 727G35 » Tue May 28, 2019 3:59 pm

I bought an 03 g35 auto at an auction. Came woth a p1757. I dont want to take off more bolts then needed, to check the solenoid
Every video shows people taking off bolts and pulling out the tcm.. none say which bolts tho, does anyone have a clue maybe how many have to come out before it will come free?
Any advice will help, thanks.
I checked youtube. Nobody will say which bolts they just undo them.
Is it true that coolant dumps into out transmissions somehow?

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Re: How to remove the tcm?

Postby macgiver » Tue May 28, 2019 5:48 pm

Maybe confusing TCM under dash?(transmission Control Module) with Valve Body which is inside pan.What I would try is looking at wiring diagram (TCM to trans ckts & solenoids & connecors) Find and break connector at transmission with the pins to THAT solenoid you wanna check and "energize" it using a fused jumper (try first a new 9V battery) and listen carefully for the "click" inside pan,they're fairly loud , and yes ,clicking may not demonstrate 100% good - it's a start. If you get action , now trace up to the TCM ,do a continuity of that "in-between" run to trans conn. OK ? Then plug in/ unplug trans connector 3 times,for best connection.
NOW energize the disconnected TCM connector with wiring going all the way to that solenoid -listen for click ?? Now reconnect that TCM connector/disconnect "IN'n -Out" 3 times in a row for "best connection".
All plugged in ? Now rig for test start/ride ?
Still have a problem / code ??? Persists ?? Now ya gonna HAVE to prolly remove pan & Valve Body eh??

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