how to read the dipstick

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how to read the dipstick

Postby RevTim » Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:45 am

I recently acquired a 2004 G35X with the 6 cyl engine. The dipstick confounds me.... since it goes in at an angle.. apparently oil residue is on the side of the tube so when I pull out the dipstick to check the oil level, there is no clear point there the oil ends. there is residue well above the H mark and I know it's not overfull. If anyone could shed some light on how to read the dipstick when the oil is relatively clean I'd really appreciate it. i don't want to add oil when it doesn't need it and I want to make sure I do add it when it needs it.

I won't bother commenting on how difficult it is to even see where to put it since it's buried down out of the light.... and how contorted it is... whatever happened to straight down dipsticks that were easy to use?????

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Re: how to read the dipstick

Postby centralcoaster33 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:00 pm

Oh no... the one with all the bends? that's your transmission fluid stick... Just kidding! :chuckle:

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That dipstick was quite lame, complained about quite a bit and designed by some other dipstick no doubt! Infiniti did change the design in the next model. Anyway... My understanding it that the engine oil pressure is significant in these cars, pushing oil up the stick tube a bit, and so you actually want to wait like 10 minutes after running the engine to let the oil settle down (should resolve your high readings). After settling, pull the stick and wipe it off thoroughly with a towel, put in, draw out and check the measurement. Oil should be between the second bend and third bend. I believe there is a slight mesh pattern stamped onto one side. The first bend is more of a 90 degree twist. The second, third and fourth bends are wavey.

Good luck sir!

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