How high can i run my fuel pressure?

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How high can i run my fuel pressure?

Postby Marahutay » Sat Jan 28, 2017 7:34 am

Rb25de(t) swapped s13 (10:1 comp)
Precision 3431e
Factory ecr33 Ecu
Factory 370 injectors

Alright first let me say I'm not going to be boosting this thing there's a 4lb spring in the gate. My goal is to get it to be able to move on its own power enough so I don't need to tow it to the dyno.
I'm running lean off the charts at idle with a misfire on I believe cylinder 5. When I quick rev it the wideband dips down to as low as 16 then back to red. A new Coil pack harness is on the way.
Now my question. How high can I turn up my fuel pressure to help even these numbers out till I start endangering my injectors? When I had them flow tested the shop ran like 100 psi thru them. I can't imagine 60 psi with less than 35% throttle would be dangerous?

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