High idle in a '97 Nissan pickup A/T

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High idle in a '97 Nissan pickup A/T

Postby GeorgeP91 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:58 pm

Let's tart off with the problem. My first vehicle of my life is a not well taken care of 1997 pickup truck XE, not too much of a vehicle guy so I'm not sure how many liters but the engine has 2400e on it. I like looking at trucks but haven't gotten the chances to actually LookLook at a truck so I'm stuck. Anyways the truck has been good since my dad gave it to me after working for it, and when it needs to be worked on he has me do it which I have no problem doing. I've gotta learn someday. So far we have replaced the power steering belt, brake pads and fixed the braking sensor that I can remember. Nowwww there is a new problem.

The problem is now whenever the truck is idling, it idled at 2 (2,000 revs a minute) which from what I've researched isn't the best. 1 is the number one spot you want to be from my research. I've made sure things are plugged/pushed/clipped in all the way and I've made sure that no belts are missing.

However, whenever I pull the throttle pedal towards me slightly it revs down and idles normally at or a little below 1. Would that be the Throttle Pedal Sensor reading wrong? I understand you can check if it's good by a voltmeter, is that right? Whenever I drive it cruises at 20-25 mph when normally it's way below that.

I would be glad to have some sort of idea with what's wrong with my little truck, she's a little beat up truck but she gets be places and it can't be better than that (other than a brand new vehicle, which is near impossible). I drive a lot for school and volunteer work and various extracurricular activities as I'm 17. Finding out what is wrong would help me rest easy knowing I have transportation to school for the next day. Again, I really appreciate any help and I thank you for reading this long story about my life...

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