Help resetting bluetooth language from French to English

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Help resetting bluetooth language from French to English

Postby NewEnglandCube » Wed Feb 04, 2015 2:41 pm

Help! My Cube only speaks to me in French. I somehow did this accidentally. Can someone help me in resetting this back to English? Even if you just list the steps to get to the language setting using English, I might be able to duplicate it via the French options. I can get pretty far into the process, but my college French fails me before I make it all the way. Thanks!
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Re: Help resetting bluetooth language from French to English

Postby Rogue One » Tue Sep 29, 2015 2:03 pm

Welcome to NICO! Sorry for the delay in responding. The instructions are in your owners manual.
Getting started
The following procedures will help you get started using the Bluetooth® Hands-Free Phone System with NISSAN Voice Recognition. For additional command options, see “List of voice commands” later in this section.

Choosing a language
You can interact with the Bluetooth® Hands-Free Phone System using English, Spanish or French.
To change the language, perform the following:
1. Push and hold the PHONE SEND button for more than 5 seconds.
2. The system announces: “Press the PHONE SEND button for the hands-free phone system to enter the speaker adaptation mode or press the PHONE END button to select a different language.”
3. Press the PHONE END button.
For information on speaker adaptation, see “SPEAKER ADAPTATION (SA) MODE” later in this section.
4. The system announces the current language and gives you the option to change the language to Spanish (in Spanish) or French (in French). Use the following chart to select the language.

You must push the button PHONE SEND or the PHONE END button within 5 seconds to change the language.

5. If you decide not to change the language, do not push either button. After 5 seconds, the VR session will end, and the language will not be changed.

Pairing procedure
NOTE: The pairing procedure must be performed when the vehicle is stationary. If the vehicle starts moving during the procedure, the procedure will be cancelled.

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