HELP! R32 - coolant flush and fill

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HELP! R32 - coolant flush and fill

Postby B-Khoi » Mon Oct 21, 2019 8:16 am

Hey All,

I just recently purchased my '92 R32 Skyline GTR and this is my first time posting.

When driving, I noticed that the coolant was boiling in the system, but the engine temp indicator was reading normal (halfway on the dial). So I performed a coolant flush on my system and noticed there was a bunch of rust throughout the system (I flushed through the rad and the block). When filling up radiator with coolant (Peak 50/50 mix "For Asian Vehicles") I was only able to fill about 4-5L back into the system; I read some info online and it stated that it takes around 8L.
Any suggestions on why I am filling so low?

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