Help please need info and tips

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Help please need info and tips

Postby Djdrift300zx » Tue Feb 16, 2016 2:14 am

Hello nicoclub and followers I'm recently dealing with a coolent leak and it's getting to the point to where I'm spending money on the radiator fluid than the car lol at 1st I didn't know what it was so I bought a new mishimoto radiator to replace the stock one because I thought it was cracked somewhere. i also checked the hoses and the hoses weren't leaking so It had to be the radiator anyways got that got new hose's because why not I got z1 radiator hoses so after all that got installed it stared leaking from the water pump somewhere ? Like wtf how did it get worst from just replacing the radiator ? Anyways I thought sense that is what's wrong I might as well do the timing belt kit for my car but I don't know what brand or any top brands for timing belts I might also add she's startling to have this horrible belt sound I'm not sure witch belt so kind just wanna replace everything instead of blowing up my car any help please or witch way to go with a 300zx tt 1991 t-top 5speed

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