HELP! 2007 G35S (VQ35HR) stalls when I try to accelerate

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HELP! 2007 G35S (VQ35HR) stalls when I try to accelerate

Postby timstolt1 » Wed Nov 28, 2018 10:44 am

The car stalls when I try to slowly accelerate. If I gun it, the car does just fine. If the car is in park or neutral, I am able to rev it, and the engine is smooth and responsive. It is only when the engine is "loaded" with the task of driving the car, and only from a standstill or "idling along" that the gentle application of throttle causes it to stall. Code reader shows no codes. I replaced both camshaft sensors and problem persists. I performed the throttle-learning procedure twice, and idle is good around 650rpm, but problem persists. Spark plugs look good. Power and engine sounds good at highway speeds, even under aggressive acceleration. I checked the MAF sensors, and both seem fine (engine bogges down when unplug each).

What do you think I should check next??? Or should I cough up the $150 for $stealership diagnosis?? Please kindly help! I just bought this car (in this condition) and do love how it drives! It has 243K miles on it, but is in excellent shape.

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