Headlights will pop up but won’t go down

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When car is engaged and has electricity going throughout the car, the headlights will go up, but they won’t go down. Plus one of my headlights went out and I have to buy 2 new ones :frown: . Nico help meeeeee

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I kind of have this same problem. My car will just be sitting there and the headlights will pop up and turn on. Usually both will pop up but only the drivers side will turn on. Also sometimes when I would drive down the road and turn on the blinker they would pop up. I thought it might be the headlight switch, because it was so old, and I replaced it. Thought problem was solved and then they popped up again. I bought a switch to disconnect battery because this would drain the battery, but when I connect sometimes they pop up. Also I have a hard time getting them to turn off when they do this. I have to turn light switch off and on and eventually they will go back down. Weirdest thing they just pop up on their own.

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