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Grounding Gear

Postby fatire_mtb » Thu May 29, 2008 8:06 pm

The reason I purchased the GroundingGear ( 5AT Performance System full 10 wire package was to help alleviate/cure my only complaint(s) about my G35. I was never happy with how the engine would overrev when making a quick lane change or pass in traffic. Not much pressure on the accelerator and the engine would race up, but the following oomph was always a little delayed and didn’t seem to quite match the amount of work the engine sounded like it was making. The next thing I was hoping to change was the shift points. I didn’t like how low in the RPMs it would shift especially in the lower gears. I can understand being in 4th gear at 40mph in my Jeep, but not my G. Let me say that I could not be happier with the results of installing the GroundingGear system.

The GroundingGear's system is first rate in quality and appearance. All of the wires and parts were clearly labeled and the quality of the components is striking. I only had to make one educated guess during the installation based on the provided instructions. Maybe if I were more of a gearhead it would have been easier so thanks to google images for lending a hand. The change I would make to the instructions is to have a close-up picture of each endpoint connection. Granted the majority of the connections are made in the engine bay and straightforward, there are a couple where an extra picture wouldn’t hurt. All in all it took about a little more than an hour. I went slow wanting to make sure I did it right and didn’t miss anything. I did have to lift the car and put it on jack stands for the connection next to the transmission housing. Once I had all the connections made I hooked the battery back-up and jumped on I-75 and headed to I-575 for the recommended “spirited drive” with some (well, a lot of ) runs at WOT to let the ECU know there was a new signal. I could not be more impressed with the results. No more overrevving, more aggressive shift points, improvements in shifting response beyond the desired result, engine starting is smoother, and idle smoothness and throttle response were immediately noticeable. Now when I hit about 45mph you can literally feel the car willing itself to go faster.

I would be remiss if I didn't say how responsive and helpful Gordon Gee was during the entire process from purchase to install. Class act!

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