Got a Big Project Coming Up Looking for Any Adivce

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Got a Big Project Coming Up Looking for Any Adivce

Postby volvogang » Fri Jul 03, 2020 10:14 am

Yesterday I put a deposit down on a clean shell for my recently bought 240sx. I've worked in a lube shop for a year so this is by far the biggest thing I've done with a car but ive got some co workers help who is pretty good at engine swaps and such so were hoping to get it done in a few days. The goal is to move absolutly everything from my rotten shell to my new shell within a few days besides the suspension and glass which is apart of the new shell deal (all for only 900, pretty sweet), this is my first Nissan so im not sure what to expect but im assuming since its japanese I wont have to expect any crazy socket types like on a euro car (I previously owned a Volvo so I've got some time under euro cars and they aren't fun). I assume shell swaps happen a lot within the s chassis community considering how much they can be Frankensteined together between different owners keeping them road worthy, so if their is any good wisdom out there for helping this proccesss go easier it would be greatly appreciated. im also gonna be surfing you tube for some good videos that i can really see the disassembly happen in detail so if theirs any good s13/240 channels id love some recommendations

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Re: Got a Big Project Coming Up Looking for Any Adivce

Postby MeanGreenS13 » Tue Jul 21, 2020 4:31 am

These cars are honestly very simple. The biggest thing in my opinion is to take your time during disassembly and use ziplock bags or small individual bins of some sort to separate all bolts and label where they came from. The shell will likely have a large number of nuts and bolts missing so everything will be re-used. If you are doing a 5 speed, I would suggest removing the clutch damper/block. It will give you a much nicer pedal feel.

Here is a short writeup - ... moval.html

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