Good to be back - 2 G35s hopefully become 1 working

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Good to be back - 2 G35s hopefully become 1 working

Postby SpazmSi » Tue Jan 05, 2021 10:11 am

So its been about 5 years since I had a project - I've fallen off the wagon hard.

December 2020 Picked up 2x 2004 G35 Coupes both 6spd with Brembos - and I think* VSLDs (18inch rims).

Car 1 no crank- but previous owner had it running in limp mode and was troubleshooting what I think is an IPDM and harness wiring issues. Got lost along the way trying new ECU, Ignition etc. had 2 different keys, returned his ECU when that only worked intermittently. Harness is a mess, lots of ghetto wiring hacks and splices. Good interior - body has some rust but I like my cars cheap and ugly enough to be willing to beat on, so I think this will be the chassis I target to fix first.

Car2 running with a bad engine - rod knock, smoking etc. She smells like oranges and weed - found 8x oranges under the passenger seat. Interior is totally shot, but chassis is nearly rust free. Front bumper is jacked, has some bolt on junk.


Car 2 - pulled the lockset, ignition, IPDU (looks good), BCM, ABSM (I think module under the steering wheel) and swapped everything into Car 1.

Found Car1 with some serious butchering to the harness in many locations - slowly working through all of these before reconnecting battery.


1. Anything else I should take from Car 2? My goal is to get Car1 back to single key, and running without towing to dealer, or at least ready so it only needs programming once.

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Re: Good to be back - 2 G35s hopefully become 1 working

Postby PalmerWMD » Sat Jan 23, 2021 7:48 pm


Sounds like an awesome project!
Cant give u much advice on the particulars but good choice in cars :yesnod

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