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G37X 2013

Postby LAMOUREUX » Mon Nov 19, 2018 6:35 pm

Need help folks !
All started with P010B (MAF) code. Replaced Air filters, verified ductings and tubings and wirings. Replaced both sensors.
Problem still exist.
At some point in troubleshooting, noted that the battery was not holding its charge.
Charged it several times, same results. The Alternor was charging but not within that 14 volts range. It was suspecious....
Battery and alternator replaced. Decided simply to start with new components. Fully charged the new battery before installing.
For a few days(3-5) its working fine !
But sooner or later the same symptoms come back.
Guess what !
Still have a P010B code, battery is not holding its charge, also having the anti slippage light coming on and the engine is running rough, on idle or very slow drive it wants to shut down.
I have performed a battery drain checked and obtained a 140-150 milliamps current draw. 50 seems to be the expected number. I do not think it is the problem but sharing it with you.
I am forcing the Alternator to charge at max voltage by disconnecting the current sensor connector.
Will let you know if it has a positive effect or not on maintaining the battery fully charged.

Let me know your toughts please.
Did one of you experienced the same.
Any recommendations for what to do next will be appreciated.


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