G37R (transmission engineering)

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G37R (transmission engineering)

Postby diggo96 » Fri Jan 04, 2019 5:14 pm

Okay, based on the name, yall can get a basic hist as to what I am going for. As we all already understand, for reasons beyond us, Nissan decided to never allow us in the g37/skyline ever to see the beauty that was awd/manual fun like in the hay days of the gtr. But I want to change all of that. I am planning to engineer a bolt on kit to allow a g37, to be able to once again be manual AND awd without needing to replace the factory parts. Basing all this on theory tho is not practical so I need information from the g/skyline guru's to know certain key details to get this project under way. We all already know the factory 7spd auto in the g37 rwd and g37x awd are the exact same transmission but with the X having a different tail housing that allows the transfer case to grab onto the the transmission. While the 6mt is strict rwd with a special bracket for the shifter to be installed and work the gears. Now what I need to figure out is, if I were to create a torque tube, or a specialty housing that holds the transmission, transfer case and an intermidiate shaft that connects the transmission output shaft to the transfer case input end, would it all work together? In theory and design so far, yes. But I have one slight issue... Is the output shaft from the 6mt and the 7spd auto, the same spline? If so, I can easily create an extension to that shaft without much delay. But I highly doubt that. Reason I am making the torque tube, is because, unlike other awd systems, the attesa in our cars, has a separate module that controles the transfer case. Both rwd and awd transmission use the EXACT same tcm. So if the only difference is the awd module, in theory, a manual transmission can provide the torque and the awd module does the other work as expected of it. But once again, this is all theory. If I can get these details sorted, the project will be all the more a success. Once all gets underway I will update this and show progress and prototyping of the system. Once finished, I can release a finalized product that can then be installed in the garage with a few simple tools. That way gtr spirit not only returns to the skyline, but we can all finally enjoy the grip of awd, with the fun of manual, without having to deal with the idea of an expensive automatic transmission repair from overheating... Level 10 transmission does an incredible job with their rebuild/upgrade, but it's still an auto in the end. The capability of a manual with gears Cann not be replaced! Please, this is a serious plan I have in motion and I would appreciate that there be no "why would you go through the trouble of making this? Just go and buy (insert car/part name here)" I only need information. That ain't to much to ask right? Hope to hear back soon! :woot:

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Re: G37R (transmission engineering)

Postby audtatious » Wed Jan 09, 2019 6:32 am

Good luck with the project. To determine if the output shafts are the same you can simply look up the part numbers to see what the specs say. I've seen people put manual transmissions into Q50's and swap G37's to manual but all have been RWD. Would be an interesting project if you were able to do it.

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