G37 aftermarket amp install help

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G37 aftermarket amp install help

Postby joe603 » Mon Feb 28, 2011 8:44 am

I decided to post a quick how-too on installing an aftermarket subwoofer in a G37. I have a 2009 sedan, but I don't think the coupes are much different.

First you'll need a few things for the install:

Sub and wiring kit
Electrical tape
hand tools
mechanical fingers (really makes life easier)
old wire hanger
solder/flux/solder iron

First we’ll need to remove some interior panels. Pull the glove box, the passenger side, lower interior molding and the side panels (by the door sills), rear seat bottom, and the trunk cover mats. Next, let’s run the power wire. I recommend you start from the battery and run back to the trunk. The best way I found to run the power is to run it through the firewall on the passenger side. You need to remove the windshield wiper plastic and the battery. It comes off pretty easy; just don’t lose the plastic fasteners.

There is wiring harness grommet that we’ll use to go through the firewall. It's right behind the battery. Punch through with the wire hanger taped with the power wire...have the sharp hanger first then the wire (it helps to have a friend). It will pop up behind the glove box. (If you need to change your in-cabin filter, now is a great time to do it!). Once you have the wire, pull it through leaving enough slack for the battery connection (seal the grommet with silicon). Run the power wire down the side of the passenger area so you can put the panel from the side of the passenger floor area back on. Keep feeding the wire down the side of the car. The G’s have a terrific wire channel down the entire length of the car…all the way to the trunk! Getting past the middle of the doors will be easier with mechanical fingers. Keep going until you hit the back seat. There is a channel you can use to feed the wire into the trunk area. Depending on how much extra wire you have is how you go from here. (You can use the trunk pass-through as a shortcut)

Power is the biggest pain, but input wiring should be easy. For the Bose system, I tapped off the rear speakers to get a stereo input from the Bose amp in the trunk. Not 100% sure on the location for the non-bose system. You may have to tap off the head deck wires and run down the driver side (always a good idea to keep power and input lines separate). Make sure the aftermarket amp you’re using allows for “high-level” inputs, or you’ll need an aftermarket converter. The FSM will have wiring diagrams. For all the taps, make sure to solder and tape the connections. The crimp-type connectors suck and are not a good idea.

Here are the FSMs for all G’s: fsm-list-for-your-g-t525067.html

Hope this helps someone!

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Re: G37 aftermarket amp install help

Postby asmoa » Wed Apr 20, 2011 9:18 pm

Great write up, I plan on following it this weekend and hopefully getting my sub/amp up and running.
Just a couple things i'd like to clarify.

My amp will work with high level inputs and i have a bose system. I have downloaded all the wiring diagrams but i'm not sure exactly where to splice the rca's in. before the bose amp, or take the souce signal woofer +/- going to the bose sub?

Will this rca cable work? http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/ ... 91576.aspx

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Re: G37 aftermarket amp install help

Postby nyg37s » Fri Sep 23, 2011 12:50 am

Nice write up. Got new subs and will be attemping this diy. Thanks

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Re: G37 aftermarket amp install help

Postby lilwayne407 » Sat Jun 23, 2012 1:39 am

was wondering if this also works with 07' G35 coupes?

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Re: G37 aftermarket amp install help

Postby aparato » Sun Mar 20, 2016 8:51 pm

i have a 12 g37x sedan im installing a mono amp with a 12" sub. i was wondering if i had to tap of from the head consle or if i can tape of from the bose amp, would i tap before it goes into the amp or after. this would be for the amp on and signals. my last question is how did you connect the rca cables that came with the wiring kit?
an answer to this will be very helpful thank you guys

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sRe: G37 aftermarket amp install help

Postby larchmontaudio » Sat Mar 18, 2017 9:35 am

It may be difficult to isolate the subwoofer input wires going into the amp.I would us the hi level at the sub woofer itself. Be sure to get the phasing correct that is positive on the woofer to positive input or the factory sub will cancel or try to cancel the aftermarket sub.The signal will be very high to be sure to turn the input down on your amp.You could also just disconnect the factory sub.

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Re: G37 aftermarket amp install help

Postby jhoneyperker » Sat Jul 28, 2018 8:52 am

Great post, I appreciate your thinks to post this, I also plan to install this but I did not know the proper way, this post helps to understand how I process the whole matter, I also thank Hotmail support for suggesting me this page for help.

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