G37 Panel problem

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G37 Panel problem

Postby Kream » Tue Oct 02, 2007 5:21 pm

Hey guys, I had my G37 for 3 days and I loved it. Last Saturday I woke up to get lunch, when I press the ignition start button the engine would turn on but my instruments (speedometer, gauges, dash lights) would flicker on and off. Eventually it stayed off. I left my engine one for a minute or two and tried again. That time it flickered maybe 3-5 times and everyone came back on with the Service light on.

It flickered again when I came out from lunch but everyone turned on okay after 3-5 flickers. Eventually the everything was fine that day, minus the service light being on. I drove to the Infiniti dealership and get my car fixed, but I forgot their service department was closed on the weekends. I left a voicemail regarding the situation. I went home around 9pm, was a little stressed about my new car.

Sunday morning around 10am, i started the car again and everyone came on smoothly. The service light was actually OFF. I was relieved. I had an appointment to installed an amp and sub (JL 500/1 and 2x 10" JLw3). This was done by professionals (Custom Sounds). They took about 3 hours to finish the installation. When I got the car back, everything was working great! sub sounded good and no problems with the G what so ever. I was very pleased and went to bed at 11pm knowing my car issue was resolved.

Monday 7am, I started the car to head to work and it happened again! The engine turned on, but the panels flickered. This time it flickered about 15-20 times and eventually turned everything on, of course with the service light on as well. I called Infiniti when they opened so the salesman drove to my work and gave me a loaner while he drove it back to service.

Later that afternoon I received a call saying that the problem was caused by the aftermarket audio system. I explained to them that this issue happened before the audio installation (they actually called CS to check if I installed it on Sunday). I left my car there for night.

This afternoon, I received a call saying that the issue was caused by the "tripper" cable coming from the amp. I drove to CS during my lunch break and asked them about the wiring and they told me about the wiring process and it should not effect the car at all. Apparently the "trip cable" to turn on the amp was wired to the lighter (I was told this only drains ~1Amps) and this could not be a problem. However, the tech at Infiniti says this is causing "secondary" issues with the electronics. But they called some Infiniti place in California and supposedly they are sending in an "Electronic Modulator" that should resolve my issue.

CS manager talked to the Infiniti tech, and the tech told him he cannot plug the trip wire there. The CS guy asked where was he suppose to wire it, but all he got from the tech was "I need to ask my boss, I will call you tomorrow".

I apologize for any grammatical or spelling errors. I'm typing as quickly as possible so I can get to bed.

After all inconvenience, what do you guys think about this? Is the Infiniti dealership feeding me bull****? Or was there some wiring gone wrong?

Thanks for your time,Kream

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Re: G37 Panel problem (Kream)

Postby carman63 » Wed Oct 03, 2007 12:14 am

Ouch. Sorry to hear about your problem. The thing is, you had the custom stereo installed before Infiniti had a chance to try to duplicate your issue. So now you have the new amp and subs installed, and of course the first thing they'll point to is the stereo upgrade.

That voicemail you left prior to the install 'might' help your cause, as well as the receipt from the stereo installer as proof of the timeline of when things were going wrong (before the install, not 'because' of the install).

Good luck on getting this resolved.

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Re: G37 Panel problem (carman63)

Postby Kream » Wed Oct 03, 2007 1:38 am

They were able to duplicate the issue with the amp installed. When they removed the trip cable they believed they had it resolved. However, I called back and told them they have to let the car sit for a while and start it back on, they followed my directions and eventually it happened while the amp was disconnected.

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Postby Eticket » Thu Oct 04, 2007 5:06 pm

Kream...Sorry to hear about your problem. Its hurts on a brand new car, however, I'm sure Infiniti will solve the problem and treat you right. To help ease your pain, here is what happened to me when I bought a brand new Buick GNX.The very day I brought the car home, the power windows stopped working. Buick had the car "fixed" 6 times, each lasted about 3 days.The dash was removed twice, a separate electric shop had the car 3 days. I got so sick of seeing Buick, at one point the windows stayed inoperative for 4 months. At 26K I dumped it......

Good Luck..!! and congrats on your G...you will be happy I'm sure...

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Re: G37 Panel problem (Kream)

Postby gan78mao » Wed Oct 17, 2007 11:01 am

DONT WORRY! THIS IS WHY U GOT A BRAND NEW CAR!!! WARRANTY!!! hahahadrive teh shiet out of the rental G35 then!!

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Re: G37 Panel problem

Postby NoSpeed » Wed Sep 27, 2017 2:55 pm

Kream, it is going to come across as very odd to be responding to a 10-year old thread. But, I was just doing a search for other drivers with my dash panel lights problem. Amazingly, your thread is the only one I could find! A few years ago, a section of my tach (6-9) started blanking out intermittently. Today, that section is dark. At the time, I asked my Infiniti service department if it could be repaired. My car, a 2007 G35x, is out of warranty and they quoted $800! They said it is not just a bad grounding wire. The whole instrument pane would need to be replaced. Consequently, I decided to live with it. More recently, however, the lights on my fuel gauge started doing the same thing. I still have the red needle pointer and the low fuel warning indication when dark. But, it is not possible to read the fuel quantity in bright daylight when the panel lights are blanked out. I was wondering how your situation was resolved. Thanks.

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Re: G37 Panel problem

Postby Q451990 » Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:59 pm

:welcome: to NICO! Today seems to be bad instrument cluster day. Google "instrument cluster repair" or search for that on eBay. There are multiple vendors that rebuild clusters. I don't have any experience with them, but the going rate seems to be somewhere around $100-150, so not bad compared to Infiniti's solution, which would be to swap the entire cluster.

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