G37 **No Start**

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G37 **No Start**

Postby andrewjetmitchell » Thu Dec 22, 2022 8:22 pm

Drove home in the pouring rain and eng starting missing/running rough. Seemed like something was wet.The next day it ran fine so I put some gas in it and added some fuel cleaner in the tank and drove it around for 20-mins and everything is A-ok. The next morning, No-Start! At all. Batt, starter, all good just no start. But turning over kind of lumpy and slow. Trying to use a new code reader I deleted all the codes. Smh. lol. Eng lopping/shaking bad but will start/run now after New-crank/cam sensors, fuel pump, plugs. No new real codes yet but engine turning over fast now and starts but running very rough still. I know its hard to diagnose on the phone so to speak but any ideas or direction would be great. Thank you. Jet

fontana dan
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Re: G37 **No Start**

Postby fontana dan » Sat Dec 24, 2022 8:21 pm

Who did the work on the car? You might want to put the original cam/cranks sensors back one by one and see if it makes any change.
Cheap replacement cam/crank sensors can really f*** it up, PCM will be happier with factory parts assuming they were not the cause of the issue.

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