G37 climate control

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G37 climate control

Postby matth » Tue Jan 03, 2017 4:18 pm

Hi all,
When I got my 2008 coupe the CD player did not worked. I lived with that for the past few years and finally replaced it myself in November. The new CD player works great BUT I now have the following new problems:
1. The climate control system goes off every time you turn the car off and has to be turned on again and fan speed, temp, etc all must be reset.
2. The garage door opener on the rear view mirror is now dead.
3. The analog clock is now dead.
4. The airbag light on the dash is now lit.

I can live with most of these, but the climate control issue drives me nuts. Anyone got any ideas? I have already tried the factory reset/disconnect the battery for 15 minutes trick.

Thank you,
Central Colorado

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