G25 Owners - Rear Tires

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G25 Owners - Rear Tires

Postby Stevecdg » Thu Mar 05, 2020 12:34 pm

As 2nd the owner of a 2012 G25 with 82K miles I'd like to know if anyone has experienced excessive wear on both rear tires? In my experience the front tires always wear faster. To answer the obvious, yes, I have rotated the tires. While the front show minimal wear, both rear tires became bald evenly across the tread. It seems odd and it occurred in less than a year.

To answer the other obvious question, yes I will have a complete front and rear alignment.

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Re: G25 Owners - Rear Tires

Postby audtatious » Thu Apr 30, 2020 8:12 pm

The only issue I've had with the rear is when the toe is out and the inside of the tire is quickly worn away. With my G35s, G37s, and Q50s I have had relatively even tire wear.

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