FX35 issues with higher mileage to look for?

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FX35 issues with higher mileage to look for?

Postby biggie » Wed Nov 10, 2021 12:21 pm

Hi Guys.

Looking for daughter's first car. Was looking at Rogue and some other Nissan small SUVs, but the CVT and those owners never changing the CVT fluid have pushed me more to the EX/FX.

Most of what I'm seeing in price range are first or second gen FX with around 100k miles and up to 140k miles. Any specific issues to look for or maintenance that should have been done? Would assume timing belt is needed on the 3.5L by around 100k miles? I've had a couple 3.5Ls (G35 and Pathfinder) but never had them get to 100k miles.

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