FX35, Help Me decide - good buy or not? Needs engine work

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FX35, Help Me decide - good buy or not? Needs engine work

Postby fx35please » Fri Feb 08, 2013 8:36 am

Hi guys/girls,

I am considering buying a 2003 fx35 AWD. This one is silver with about 160k. Looks like it has been well cared for but does need a new engine. Hoping someone here can answer a few questions for me before I pull the trigger this weekend and buy it. From the hours of research i've done I really expect to love this baby once it's up and running well.

1. Replacement engine cost.
a. Ebay - $1000 for a lower mileage engine (Less than 100k)
b. Car-Part.com - Engines seem to go from $1000 upwards to $2500. I would not pay more than $1500 for a junkyard engine
2. Engine replacement
a. Have you guys pulled the engine from the top? I have a 2 car garage and all of the necessary tools. However, all of the posts i've seen regarding swapping engine or pictures i've found show the crossmember being removed from the bottom and the trans, engine, differential all being lowered as one assembly out of the bottom of the car. I do not have a lift and this really isn't an option for me.

3. I was considering offering $3500 for the car as is. Do you guys think that is a fair offer?

I'll post some pics to picasa soon


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