FX35/45 Lighting Issues

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FX35/45 Lighting Issues

Postby cjultra » Sun Mar 23, 2008 3:32 am

Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2008 1:18 pm Post subject: REAR LIGHTING

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm in bit of a dilemma here. My father in Spain got an 04 FX35 in Dark gray metallic with the red tail lights plus an 06 Pontiac Solstice in Silver from a friend who had to go back to the UK (due to family problems) shortly after importing them into Spain in February 2008. My father purchased them only to find that he needs to get them to pass Spain's test to be roadworthy in Spain or Europe. This means that the rear side repeat indicators need to flash amber and not red and have at least one rear fog lamp.

Would you be able to help me out in getting my father (aged sixty eight) to get these vehicles to pass the tests. I've looked on some subjects on these forums but would appreciate if you, or someone you may know (as I'm a newbie here) to tell me A-Z to get the rear indicators from red to amber.

I know I've got these options:

(preferred) to have the clear lenses that would have flashing amber LED indicators and the other LED's to be used as brake lights and to have Audi Q7 style rear bumper lights for the rear fog lamps (if possible)

(cheaper easier version) to place an amber bulb in the center tailgate reversing lights, then fix a reverse and rear fog lamp below the rear bumper/fender.

OR be able to get some lights like the Audi Q7 lights on their rear bumper which would incorporate a reflector, reverse and fog light on each side or reflector and reverse or reflector and fog on the other side and use the origianl reverse lights with turn signals in amber.

I believe that messing around with the wires is the hardest job, as when you don't do it properly the flashers will flash fast etc.

Also, what is required to pass the test? Do you have to have side indicators on the front wings too?

Please help or pass on to someone that may be able to help.

Anyway, I hope your able to get me the A-Z of trying to convert these cars lights etc.

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