FX 35 all of a sudden with issue right after extended warran

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FX 35 all of a sudden with issue right after extended warran

Postby dcottier » Sat Jul 28, 2012 12:12 pm

I bought a Infinity 2006 FX 35 and obtained a extended service on it for an additional 2 years, I barely had to have the car in for any repairs. As soon as the extended warranty expired the radiator started leaking, after 1.000 that was fixed, And then thursday the car just stopped running on the freeway, and wouldn't start. I had it towed to a nussan dealer that I had originally bought the car from and they tell me it's a short and it will be 3,800+ dollars. Because the 6 coils are now bad, the ignition and sparkplugs, That seem to be a huge amount of money after I have already given you 40,000 for the car and 3.000 for the extended warranty. Is this not covered, is it a possible recall area, It's very hard to pay out almost 4,000 and then think i want to purchase a infinity again, and before this I loved my infinity and told everyone how great it was. This stinks.

Can alone tell me if this price is in the ballpark, seems outrageous.

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Re: FX 35 all of a sudden with issue right after extended wa

Postby Nicholle » Wed Aug 08, 2012 3:03 pm

Unfortunately a few of us seem to be having problems with the electrical system shorting out. I have a 2007 FX35 and my car shut down on my husband on the interstate. Towed it to a repair shop where they diagnosed misfiring on 3 cylinders. Engine grounds needed to be replace per Infiniti TSB ($275 diagnostic.parts.labor), then 6 burned out engine coils ($1000), then the ECM ($1400). You need to file a complaint with Infiniti USA. This is a major electrical malfunction that is happening during potentially dangerous times. All I can say is call, complain, keep all you documents and receipts and hopefully this will be recalled and we get reimbursed. I am with you, can't believe a $40K+ "luxury" SUV can have this kind of electrical issue. Go to Infinitifx.org and read other similar reports.

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Re: FX 35 all of a sudden with issue right after extended wa

Postby pgpessoa31 » Sat Jun 28, 2014 6:39 pm

Hi Nicholle,

I am just starting to experience the same problems you had and I am worried sick. Can you tell me, when you replaced the parts on the car that you mentioned in your post, did that fix the problems for good?

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