FWD transmission?

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Is there any front wheel drive transmissions which mate to the rb25det engine?Im looking for a 5 speed manual


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Umm...... NOWhat do you want to put it in????

Well.... (as we enter fantasy land) lol

You rigg the standard AWD setup to lock out the RWD. Then you could extend the Nose of your car about another foot- foot and a half.Anything's possible with enough money.

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RB sentra???

Just kidding... Is a Maxima more realistic? Make an adapter plate for the Maxima 5spd. Oh gosh this is a terrible idea

Wait, is any of this realistic??

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lots of fabrication on that part there brother. These blocks were made for rwd specifically. Hence the use of a prop shaft and wierd oil pan with an lsd for the rb26dett. they didn't want a fwd skyline. I believe most ballsy cars are rwd or awd. the fwd guys are soo different. Honest answer is not recommended fwd or even think about it.

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Best recomendation is not get a FWD car...

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how the heck is an inline 6 will fit side way?!? stupid idea. man law: rb belongs in a rwd only.

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the guy prolly wants to fit it in a civic, ya know, to fit with all the skyline bodykit for the civic.

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well im going to be the one who dosent flame and is interested in project, whar donor car are you considering ? why fwd ? why not use a rwd sedan (if donor is a sadan) such as q45 or if your doing that big of a proejct why not use lets saty fwd sedan such as maxima and do it up, i once saw a rwd focus that surprised me to all hell !!

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NOThere are no FWD transmissions for the RB.

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