Front end repair,neeed.Your help on what parts i more likely would need

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    hi nicoclub quick introduction .im 30 my name is peter im new and how i end up here:
    I recently got a car with a front end wrecked
    Of 07 infiniti g35 sport sedan model
    I have a guy who does auto body and cheaper then other body shops in town. Thing is my job is to find parts for this car, and the bodyshop people will do the rest ,put it together
    At this point i need help finding parts , but how do i find the parts i need ,if i dont even know what there' called . So in hope i could resolve some of this problem i run across this webpage when i was on google searching.
    Maybe someone here would know or have previous experience on fixing up a front end of g35 07-08 sedan ?please kindly i need your help. Thank you
    So basically if you know something
    Just share what parts most likely i would need to get the front fixed after collision.
    For better understanding heres the big stuff i need to get replaced.
    ●Radiator support
    ●Radiator and condenser combo because its 6 speed manual
    ●Front bumper cover
    ●passenger head light
    ○coolent resovour tank thats in the middle behind the radiator plastic coolent tank

    Tha rest i cant figure it out, im hoping you could help
    I can also post ip sum pictures.

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    I'm going to caution you about this path you're taking. I've done body and suspension work on infinitis, jags, porches, and Mercedes. This car will go almost 170 mph. It is vitally important that all work on the front end, front quarter panels, under body, and hood be done to within factory tolerances. Having a panel come off at 120mph is just the first of unfortunate incidents precipitating a crash. The first thing I would do is put the car on a frame straightener to see if anything useful can be done. A distortion anywhere involving the frame will lead to an unending series of problems with struts, transmission, thrust bearing and engine mounting. I use Precision Collision in Raleigh, NC for this kind of work because I am pushing the envelope on my G35. They are not cheap, but I didn't buy an Altima either.

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    crossbones668, I know this is an old post, but I have a quick question. I recently had some work done, front bumper cover, driver fender, etc after a deer strike and the bumper cover is not lining up right on the driver's side. Also the ICC radar sensor is not lined up with the bumper cover opening. I paid extra for an OEM bumper cover, but I'm now wondering if the body shop is trying to pull a fast one and used an aftermarket cover instead. Do you know if there is a label inside the cover that will verify it is OEM?

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