Front and rear differential fluid change 2016 QX80

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Front and rear differential fluid change 2016 QX80

Postby zan986 » Sun Apr 11, 2021 2:34 pm

Infiniti qx80 86k miles

The dealership is recommending some fluid changes which I think I can do at home. The Fluid types below are from the owners manual, but I do not know if the fluid amount, which I obtained from is correct.
1. If someone has experience or has information on the volume needed, could you please provide it below.
2. Also can someone please provide the information on how to change the front differential and transfer case fluid.
3. If I just fill the power steering fluid reservoir instead of draining the fluid and filling it with new fluid would that be fine?
4. Can someone provide the part number for the bolt for the engine undertray

Front Differential- Front GL-5 80W-90 1.5 pints or 0.75 qts
Rear Differential- Rear GL-5 75W-90 3.6 pints or 1.8 qts
Power Steering- Nissan PSF or Dexron 6
Transfer Case- atx90a nissan transfer fluid


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