Fabricators' Market Rules

A forum for approved vendors of specialized, limited-production parts. Help small businesses that cater to Nissan enthusiasts and score some unique, useful parts! Contact [email protected] for approval and rates.
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Fabricators' Market Rules

Postby Repo Man » Mon Jul 23, 2007 4:00 pm

Ok guys and gals, we do have a few rules here just as we do in the other classifieds forums. Please abide by these rules. If you do not we will ask that you not post in this forum. I know that will not be a problem.

Muchas Gracias.

The Fabricators' Marketplace is a place for small operations, typically manufacturing one or two specific items for Nissan vehicles, to enter the market and display their wares (and get a good start in the industry).

Posting new threads here is limited to APPROVED parties ONLY. If you would like your product to be showcased here, please contact [email protected] for arrangements, fee schedule and approval.

NOT ALL applicants will be approved. Only useful, high-quality, unique components will be accepted for the Fabricators' Marketplace.

A few simple rules for this new forum:

1. Do not be a troll. If you do not have something nice/constructive to say, don't say it.

2. Do not link to or otherwise do something to compete with what the seller is selling. This is not good forum etiquette and it will get deleted. This goes for linking to garbage on eBay.

3. NO thread hi-jacking: "I can build you one too and BTW its cheaper!"

4. Don't bust on what folks are selling unless you know/suspect an actual scam. It's not fair for a seller to get his stuff denigrated in front of buyers.

5. Sellers here are approved NICO Sponsors, and have been cleared by the Administration.

6. Vendors, please LIST YOUR ASKING PRICE! Don't make people chase you down via email, post up a number so that folks don't waste their time.

6. Please DO NOT NEGOTIATE PRICES IN THIS FORUM. Take all negotiations off-board, to email, AIM, phone, whatever. It is not appropriate to haggle with a vendor in his or her thread.

If we all abide by some simple rules of politeness and respect, we can all use this board as the awesome resource that it is.

The moderators and administrators appreciate your cooperation, and will be editing / removing posts / threads that do not comply with these rules.

Let's support small businesses and help some enterprising individuals get a jump-start on the market.

Andy Simmons (Repo Man)NICO Administrator

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