Exhaust for 64 320 Datsun truck

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Just picked up a pickup and the exhaust is pretty missing.

Does anyone have a component list?

Would like to get it in the ballpark.

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Welcome to NICO! Sorry to hear that your car is having trouble. I'm not all too well versed in your vehicle, but can offer an option for you.

Here at NICO, we have Factory Service Manuals available free to members. Here's the link for the 320 info we have: https://www.nicoclub.com/datsun-service-manuals

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Welcome aboard! I have a 63 NL320, and I can tell you that your best bet, aside from the FSM, is to find someone with a done truck that you can inspect, OR do a Google image search for one and hopefully see some undercarriage pics. Also check Bring a Trailer, sometimes the auctions have underside pics. Last option, I have a local friend with a restored 64 L320, I can forward this thread to him and ask him to chime in.

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