Exciting possibility!

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Exciting possibility!

Postby RicerX » Thu Apr 26, 2018 7:01 am

Hey guys!

I have a colleague of mine that is looking to offload his Z. (1975 280Z 4 speed manual).

I'm scrambling to do some research as I've always wanted one but never really pursued it. What are some things to watch out for? I'm getting it for an absolute steal (he gave me the "good friend" discount). It's a family owned car bought new in 1975 by my colleague's uncle. It was a California and now Alabama car. That's all I know for now. I plan to inspect for crazy rust, but last time I saw the car several years ago it had little rust at all that I could see.

Pretty pumped to have a fun project, and debating on touching it up and keeping it as original as possible or going full resto-mod and building it to do fun events like tail of the dragon. I really want to drive the car and enjoy it, as I feel these cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed!

Any advice or input or "search the forum noob" comments are welcome.

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Re: Exciting possibility!

Postby evildky » Tue May 01, 2018 2:01 pm

Everything that's metal on these cars rusts. Not much sheet metal available in the aftermarket, hopefully that CA to AL life has kept this one light on rust but I've seen rusty california cars before. Rockers, wheel arches, fuel door area, hatch lip, frame rails, floor pans, floor behind the seats, inner fender at the base of the strut towers, inner fender above the tc rod gusset, frame rail by the sway bar mounts, rear wheel well, spare tire well, all all fairly common, plus just about the whole rest fo the car.

Mechanically these cars are great, the injector clips harden with age, the electronic's can be a bit buggy after 40 years of use, brakes suck, inner tie rod ends are the present unobtainable replacement part.

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