EX35/37/Nissan Crossover bodykit reference

Discussion of Infiniti's amazing (and underrated) sport-luxury crossovers, the EX35 and EX37. For 2014, the EX series will be renamed QX50, in line with Ininfiit's new naming conventions.
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EX35/37/Nissan Crossover bodykit reference

Postby mybrains5 » Tue Aug 28, 2018 3:54 am

I compiled this list of EX35 body kits from the web. please verify part numbers are correct with dealer before you purchase as I cant verify this information.

Infinity EX35/37 (also known as Nissan Crossover) J50/NJ50 Nissan car number.

***Don’t forget the cheapest option is always to just to prep and spraypaint the existing black lower plastic trim on your car to match your cars body color :)

NISSAN OEM Body Kit http://www.caliwheels.com/Infiniti-EX35-g-9989.htm
Front Spoiler - lower (or E35 FRONT PROTECTOR W/CORNER SENSOR or Underground, Aero Kit, Front)
Moonlight white QAA use: K60101BA0B
Brilliant Silver K23 use: K60101BA1B
Carbon Silver K51 use: K60101BA2B
Black Obsidian KH3 use: K60101BA3B
Blue Slate K52 E35 use: K60101BA4B
Dark currant L50 use: K60101BA5B
Scarlett Silver KAG use: K60101BA6B
Platinum Graphite FAA use: K60101BA7B

Door moulding - lower (or E35 DOOR UNDER MOLDING Moldings or Under Door Aero Kit)
Moonlight white QAA use: H08G01BA0A
Brilliant Silver K23 use: H08G01BA1A
Carbon Silver K51 use: H08G01BA2A
Black Obsidian KH3 use: H08G01BA3A
Blue Slate K52 E35 use: H08G01BA4A
Dark currant L50 use: H08G01BA5A
Scarlett Silver KAG use: H08G01BA6A
Platinum Graphite FAA use: H08G01BA7A

Rear Spoiler - lower (or E35 REAR UNDER PROTECTOR or Underground, Aero Kit, Rear)
Moonlight white QAA use: H59201BA0A
Brilliant Silver K23 use: H59201BA1A
Carbon Silver K51 use: H59201BA2A
Black Obsidian KH3 use: H59201BA3A
Blue Slate K52 E35 use: H59201BA4A
Dark currant L50 use: H59201BA5A
Scarlett Silver KAG use: H59201BA6A
Platnium Graphite FAA use: H59201BA7A

Side Sill Protector (or E35 SIDE SILL PROTECTOR or Underground, Aero Kit, Side)
Moonlight white QAA use: G68E01BA0A
Brilliant Silver K23 use: G68E01BA1A
Carbon Silver K51 use: G68E01BA2A
Black Obsidian KH3 use: G68E01BA3A
Blue Slate K52 E35 use: G68E01BA4A
Dark currant L50 use: G68E01BA5A
Scarlett Silver KAG use: G68E01BA6A
Platnium Graphite FAA use: G68E01BA7A

Some shops to try to find these OEM parts (not affiliated, please check reviews/feedback on each before purchase)
International try Amayama:
US this site listed them:
https://www.infinitipartsonline.com/oem ... l0aQ%3D%3D
Russia this site listed them

Other kits - you may need to ship from japan to you

IMPUL body kit (Japan)
http://www.impul.co.jp/products/model/J ... VER_E.html

M'z SPEED ZEUS luv-line (Japan)
https://www.mzspeed.co.jp/en/products/b ... atalog/139

If you know of others, please add to this thread !


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Re: EX35/37/Nissan Crossover bodykit reference

Postby ExNolove » Sun Sep 09, 2018 8:53 am

Great reference, I'm still in search for lip/body kit but availability is scarce.

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