Evap code P0443 year long struggle

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Evap code P0443 year long struggle

Postby StreetCarS14 » Thu Feb 27, 2020 4:47 pm

I have a pretty much stock 96 s14 with a ka24de. I keep getting a code for the evap purge control solenoid valve circuit(p0443).

I have read the FSM religiously and looked through all of the other write ups on this forum (and others) and to no luck. The other posts I have seen regarding this issue have left many unanswered. I really want to fix this issue as I've tried so much within the past year.

Parts replaced(oem) and troubleshooting:
-Vent solenoid
-Pressure sensor(more on that later) (returned)
-purge valve (returned)
-purge valve solenoid
-vapor canister
-gas cap
-volume control valve(returned)
-different ecu
-wiring specialties engine harness
-smoke tested system
-Blew out all hoses
-checked for correct hose locations

I have tested the wires to and from the purge solenoid and all are fine. I smoke tested the system and haven't seen anything.

I was able to get the code off for about 2 weeks or so when I swapped another ecu in. After that it popped the code again and I sent it out to be fixed and unfortunately it's the same issue still. I do have access to a snap on scanner and was able to manually activate the solenoid.

Now onto that pressure sensor, I put in a brand new one from NTK and it didn't impact anything. However I was fooling around and plugged in the map sensor from the front on the car (I have a new spare) and it did change... I did get some different codes with that pressure sensor (p0440,p0446). I do believe this is due to the parameters being different. But no more p0443...

Nissan wants $140/hr for diagnosis so that is a deterring factor for going there.

If anyone has had any success with this issue please comment or if you think I did something wrong. If you need pictures I'm more than happy to provide them. I refuse to let this car beat me! Thank you in advance

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Re: Evap code P0443 year long struggle

Postby PapaSmurf2k3 » Mon Mar 16, 2020 8:45 pm

Welcome to NICO!
What was the process for smoke testing?
I'm almost wondering if your gas tank itself could be bad, or maybe seal to the fuel pump or other seal to the tank.

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