Engine want's to start, but won't fire

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Engine want's to start, but won't fire

Postby apex_240sx » Fri Jul 26, 2002 3:56 am

alright guys, here's what happened: i'm up here in sask. canada (very very hot prarie summers) and ya..i'm on a gravel road, travelling at 80 km/h (or about 50 mph) and my engines rpm's instantly drop from 3500 rpm to 1200 rpm, and they won't go back up!!!! so i pull over thinking that the engine overheated, but then i noticed that my engine temp gauge was in normal range. so i just sit there and wait for about 10 minits to let the engine cool (i'm thinking that the gauge might be screwed) and i start the engine fine, but still the engine wouldn't rev past 1500 rpm. At this point now, i had to push the gas pedal about half way down just to keep the idle at 900 rpm, and so it wouldn't stall on me. So i just stay there on the side of the road, call a buddy and get him to tow me to his farm about 10 minits away. once we got there, i tried starting it....and it wouldn't start!!!. so the next day i got it towed into town and got a diagnostic done on the engine (the engine was firing fine and the diagnostic showed nothing wrong with the engine) and a compression test was done (and each cylinder reported 130 to 135 psi which is normal for the KA24E. So then i towed the car home and have been checkin a few things out for the last few days here and i still can't get it to start. The engine will try to start, the starter is engaging the flywheel, but it just won't fire!!!!! Does anyone know what could possibly be wrong, cuz i sure the hell don't!!!!! P.S. the plugs are fine, they're sparking good. the fuel pump is working fine, and the fuel filter i just replaced a few weeks before this all happened. I sprayed carb cleaner into my mass airflow sensor (i read on a forum on 240sx.org that spraying carb cleaner into the mass airflow sensor could solve my problem) and that did nothing. So please give me any advice if you can....thx

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Postby trpower7 » Fri Jul 26, 2002 3:56 am

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