ECU Tuning Suggestions for a 4x4 running a mostly stock VG30

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ECU Tuning Suggestions for a 4x4 running a mostly stock VG30

Postby JONSHOW » Sun Apr 13, 2014 6:19 am

I'm just about to send my ECU out to Jet for reprogramming and am fielding input on any minor mods (different injectors, throttle body, MAF, or removal of any other emission controls i.e. EGR) I should make to the truck before I specify how I want the ECU reprogrammed. I will request that the REV limiter be upped from 6000 to 7200 and that they tune the fuel map for performance over everyday driveabilty. Other than that does anyone have any suggestions for the ECU? The truck is just a bush/hunting/4x4 rig and I'm not worried about fuel economy or any emissions regulations. This is not a daily driver, just a toy.

The truck is as follows:
-1991 D21 SEV6 KingKab w/VG30e

The modifications I have made to it are as follows:
-3" Susp Lift / 3" Body lift
-35" tires
-4.375 gears
-Detroit Locker rear
-Centerforce II dual-friction clutch
-Thorley Headers, to straight pipe, catalytic conv removed, stock muffler in place w/ manual exhaust cut-out (I can run the exhaust through the muffler or bypass it)
-Air intake Snorkel with hi-flowing air cleaner

Any and all input is appreciated!

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