E2901-62U01 is now obsolete

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E2901-62U01 is now obsolete

Postby 3Q Jay » Fri Jul 19, 2019 7:59 am

This is the Nissan Type A hydraulic fluid for the active suspension system.
As usual, Nissan has mandated using only type A in the system, and then abandoned us without an endorsed substitute.
I sacrificed some of the unicorn's blood for the sake of science....here is the Blackstone analysis for virgin type A (2011 vintage):

I know the Mercedes active system has some similarities, and I got a recco from one such owner to use the Pentosin CHF-11S product as a 100% replacement. I did order a 5L jug, which i will begin to introduce to the existing fluid unless someone screams: NOOOOOO!

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Re: E2901-62U01 is now obsolete

Postby maxnix » Sun Jul 21, 2019 1:42 pm

Jay, I believe Pentosin CHF-11S is specifieded for power steering in my BMW 335is.

Purchase it from FCP Euro and they will replace it for free. Look on their website and save your receipt and expired fluid.

Emailed you at the JayBarb address but never heard back.

Have you tried TexasOil? It seems his website is down.

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