Driver's window failing

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Driver's window failing

Postby moftz » Sun May 10, 2020 3:48 pm

2006 M35x

The front driver's window has been working sporadically when using the automatic down button. It will nudge a little bit but I think it was mostly just due to the switch passing from manual to automatic mode. Flipping it a couple times would cause the automatic to finally kick in. Today, I realized this might be due to swapping a battery from a while ago so I did the reset procedure. And then the window wouldn't go up at all. It would make small bumps going up but it almost felt like the motor wasn't able to push up the window. I was bumping it up a little bit, then pulling the window up, then bumping it again, and then pulling up, etc. Finally got the window closed but now I'm trying to figure out the cause. It feels like a window motor relay which I'm guessing lives in the switch since they are $500 new on rockauto. I seem to be finding identical looking switch panels on eBay for G35s for much less, like $25. Might take a risk and buy one. Other source is the motor. I've done replacements on window motors before and it isn't fun or easy.

Anyone else have issues with a single window before? The failure of the auto down button makes me think it's a switch thing but now I'm afraid I burned out the motor some how.

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Re: Driver's window failing

Postby Ilya » Mon May 11, 2020 6:03 am

See if you can go through the FSM in my signature. There should be some troubleshooting steps.

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