Dream Car Journey

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Dream Car Journey

Postby Hitokiri_Gensai » Tue Oct 11, 2016 4:58 am

Good Morning guys!

So my dream car, as im sure is a lot of peoples, is an R32 GT-R and considering their recent legality in the United States, ive decided that it is time to chase my dream and get what ive wanted since I was 10! Now ive kept track of tons of the cars being sold in the US by various dealers and RI across the US and ive been tempted pretty badly by quite a lot of them. (and not tempted in a few cases... 200k MILES????).

Now ive been doing a lot of thinking about how I want to achieve this dream and something kinda spoke to me over the recent days and ive been wondering how and IF I can make this possible. Im willing to put the leg work in if someone has the good grace to give me a guiding step!

In short, I want to go to Japan, and hand pick, so to speak, my dream car. This isn't an investment, nor is it a "buy on a whim". Its a car I plan to own for a long time coming (already spoke with the wife, yes haha) and I was thinking it might be worth the experience to go to the source and really get a good look at not only the culture of one of my favourite places but also get to see and touch the car, before I buy it and bring it home. Not only that I want to pick up some parts, specifically wear items, ball joints, tie rods etc... while im in Japan to ensure that I have no issues with the car later, or atleast no problems replacing common wear parts.

I wont say that money isn't an issue, but I have what I need to make this happen. So I was hoping someone here might have some knowledge or information for me to take this step towards my dream!

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Re: Dream Car Journey

Postby Wildtraveler » Sat Oct 15, 2016 8:51 am

Wish you luck. You are in for a journey. Make it fun

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Re: Dream Car Journey

Postby fnmadog » Wed Oct 19, 2016 4:48 pm

I might be able to pass you a few bits of helpful information. Although it might just sound like common sense.

---There are a lot of export companies in that ship skylines and other cars to the US and all around the world. They are extremely good at it and know the laws and paperwork needed, i highly doubt they'll mind if you come to see the car before you buy it, it'd help to call them first though, don't take my word. Search googles for some of those exporters. Plan your flight to the location of the export that you think best fits you. If you buy from a used car dealer or an ad, then you are still going to need the help from an exporter.
---The cars are 25 years old, so you will find something wrong with all of them. Japanese owners mostly modded them and did basic upgrades, you're going to find that on basically all of them. An important thing to watch out for is an aftermarket japanese ecu. good luck finding someone in the states that can tune it. But getting there and seeing one is going to be a big advantage to someone buying blind (like me). You'll get to check those wear parts like you mentioned, but most of the parts you'd be buying are going to be expensive there too, so you wont save much money and might lose some depending on conversion from dollar to yen. Additionally you need find suppliers in the us or online where you purchase parts anyways, the car is 25+ years old and things are going to break/fail.
---Once you find your car, the exporter should get you all set up with paperwork. But you won't get all of the paperwork until the car is ship. So you'll end up leaving japan before you car does minus the money you spent on the car. It'll be a bad feeling, but japanese companies are quite trust worthy. Once the car gets to the US you'll need a customs agent to get all your payments for dutys tarifs and whatnots. depending on which state you register the car you'll be pay X amount in taxes. You said you've got the funds for this, I estimate you'll spend 18 to 22K on the car, 2k to ship, 1 to 3K in taxes. not counting the cost of your trip, which could be 2k to 2m (japan is expensive!).
---While you are in japan enjoy some ramen, gyouza, sushi, and pachinko (if you like smoking, loud noises, and gamb|ing for metal balls). Get over to see Kyoto or Fuji if your location permits, go when the sakura trees are blooms in the region you go to (you'll thank me..). You might as well see as much of Japan as you can since you are flying over the pacific.

Hope that helps a bit, it's nothing solid, like do this to get that, because there really is no set way you have to go about it.

source: i was stationed over there for 5 years, i've imported a 91' Gtr recently.

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Re: Dream Car Journey

Postby anneetee » Sat Oct 29, 2016 7:16 am

You really value your dreams with everything you have, don't you?

You mentioned that money is an issue here and I think what are you trying to do by jumping to the Japan is not a big waste of money. Besides, your satisfaction is a necessity here. Go and catch your dream buddy.

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