Door locks not working on button push

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Door locks not working on button push

Postby Bumbleboy92 » Tue Feb 25, 2020 2:24 pm

The driver and passenger front doors on my 2014 Q50 Hybrid seem to not work unless physically switched.

Neither the key fob or lock switch cause the locks to move, I did open the driver door panel and bought a new 'Lock & Remote Control Assy' that was listed as working but when I plugged it into the car and tested it did not work either. I hear a click from under the passenger footwell which I believe to be the BCM. If I physically lock the door it will lock the door but I must physically unlock it as well, the button on the door handle and the other option in the settings to unlock the car by hand sense I believe, are on and do not work with either door.

The rear doors do in fact lock and unlock properly by remote and from the switches, just the front two doors not responding.

I also replaced the two 15A fuses under the driver footwell that were listed as 'Door Lock' with new fuses just in case but I believe they weren't blown in the first place

Hoping for any insight or help!

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Re: Door locks not working on button push

Postby audtatious » Tue Mar 31, 2020 8:57 am

You will need to pop the door switch out to see if it's receiving and sending power properly and go from there. Here's the FSM link which will help you troubleshoot further.

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