Does anyone else own the California emissions model?

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Does anyone else own the California emissions model?

Postby 98_Q45 » Fri Jul 23, 2021 10:46 pm

Actually, I’ll say the California spec isn’t as bad as the non Cali spec: I seen many a Q with the large charcoal canister sitting to the right of the radiator.

However: I just had to makeshift a charcoal canister that sits at the rear of the back tire/gas tank side. To get a matching unit, it would be over $200. I don’t mind spending $200 on the Q, but considering I just paid that earlier this week on tint work, I wasn’t up for it.

The makeshift was from some Nissans made before 1/97. Considering I already have a Nissan Maxima, I got 2 and noted the differences. What seemed like an easy fix got rather annoying. The only part being the purge hose. I basically had to flip the canister over, but had enough room for the valve and fuel line to connect, but not the purge line. So had to keep cutting a vacuum hose and slightly bend it in 2 places while using clamps to keep it from kinking. Not to mention the parts store hose was a bit thicker on the outside, so the clamps weren’t moving much without some oil and brute force.

My engine is acting a bit weird, but it was doing the same thing prior to this fix. Something seeming like a MAF sensor because it’s slow when accelerating, then lurches to speed. I cleaned the MAF, but this seems intermittent and often when I have the A/C on. Almost same symptoms my Maxima had, and it was the MAF…except it’s not stalling. However, after replacing canister, cleaning valves and blowing compressed air thru the port, only codes I have now are 2 oxygen sensors.

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