Disable rear liftgate alarm on 2015 Rogue SL

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Disable rear liftgate alarm on 2015 Rogue SL

Postby roguemjl » Thu Sep 24, 2020 2:17 pm

Does anyone know how to disable the 'Open Lift-gate' alarm? At times I need to haul some lumber and it's a little annoying. Thanks!
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Re: Disable rear liftgate alarm on 2015 Rogue SL

Postby Rogue One » Thu Sep 24, 2020 3:28 pm

It's trying to tell you you're doing something wrong and please don't kill yourself by CO poisoning. The carbon monoxide danger is pretty serious, would probably be a liability issue these days without a tailgate open alarm.
I don't know of any way to disable the beeper unless you can find a fuse that will kill that circuit - and I'm not sure it won't kill a lot of other stuff.

I agree the Rogue isn't really designed for this, but for heaven's sake, hauling a few pieces of 8' lumber shouldn't be a problem.

Failing everything else, how about earplugs? ;)
For long boards and other similar stuff (PVC pipe, etc.) I used the cross bars on my last SUV to bungee/tie down the load to bring it home from the DIY. Bought cross-bars for the Rogue for the same reason.

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