Differential bushing

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Differential bushing

Postby PHX08G37 » Mon May 04, 2020 8:29 pm

:sad: The dealership said I need to replace the rear sub-frame bushing on my 2008 G37 at a cost of $1,350.00. They are just going to replace the whole cross member, i think it is easier. I researched the bushing and it is discontinued but White-line has a replacement bushing #AMKDT911 For $165.00.

Is it advisable to replace just the bushing? is it hard to do? How soon should I fix it? Will it damage any other parts if not fix asap? thanks

I just found old posts about replacing the bushings, they only difference with mine is it is not leaking just cracked. Sounds like it is not really important ( I don't race it around too much) and the white-line kit works.

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Re: Differential bushing

Postby EdBwoy » Mon May 04, 2020 11:03 pm

I moved your post from the M37 subforum to the G group. Hopefully you get the right attention there and someone is able to point you in the right direction.

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Re: Differential bushing

Postby Yoda's Master » Mon May 04, 2020 11:48 pm

If you want to go super cheap and not replace anything, then do the $20 ghetto method:

If you want to do it right, then take that money and spend it on some additional upgrades while you're in there. If you have the means, then drop the entire rear subframe. It's really easy and gives you a lot of working room on the table. If not, then watch this video:

This looks like a good video for the diff bushing and subframe collar.

Diff bushings (front and rear) - $64
https://www.z1motorsports.com/z1-produc ... 10356.html

KY Jelly for the poly bushings:

Tool if you don't want to use a sawzall
https://www.z1motorsports.com/transmiss ... oPurchased

Optional, but highly recommended in addition to the bushing:
Bell raceworks diff brace
For stock diff cover:
https://bellraceworks.bigcartel.com/pro ... iff-covers
For Diff with Z1 Diff cover.
https://bellraceworks.bigcartel.com/pro ... ned-covers

If you drop the subframe and want to go further while you're in there, then:
Subframe collars (easy method, doesn't actually require dropping the subframe)
https://www.z1motorsports.com/transmiss ... 12015.html


Poly subframe bushings (requires removal of the subframe)
Ignore the fact it says it's for the 350z, it fits the g37/370z

If you still have money and time, then move onto your axle bushings, transmission mount, and engine mounts..., but that gets expensive and I don't think you want to go there. You should do the additional diff brace to distribute the load on that one stud when you stomp on the gas.

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