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Postby nhonda5185 » Wed Jan 18, 2012 7:50 pm

First off this is for a 92 ka24de that i am in the process of turboing

so i have an e-mance chip and turns out i need a daughterboard.i had never even heard of the thing. having a little trouble getting a hold of the guys from there and getting a little pi$$ed off, anyone know a company that sells them. Its my fault for not knowing what i was getting myself into but from what i had heard its a good place and i expected a little better customer service

Another question is if i have the chip in, do i run a safc with a wideband or should i skip the chip and run just the safc and wideband o2. I will only be running a stock sr20det turbo at 7-8 pounds with 370cc injectors. This is my first turbo project and i would like to get it right. thanks for any advice


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Re: daughterboard??

Postby SiDwAyZ240 » Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:19 pm


That's the best info I know of. I was looking in to doing this myself a little while ago. With your OBDI ecu (92) should be pretty simple, no jumper harness needed. Not the best option for tuning on the fly but will get you going. If you just want to pop it in and go then 1 of their boards might work fine. I think they are the same as a moates but you need to make sure the number of pins on the chip is compatible with the number of pins on the board. If I remember correctly emance uses moates style boards and chips. If you want to tune real time, or on the fly you would need to get a emulator to re-flash without removing the chips from the board. JK also has a new real time board that is comparible to Nistune if you want to try something different.

If it was me running only a sr turbo and 370cc injectors I would probably run a fmu (fuel management unit). They raise fuel pressure as boost increases. They allow you to run up to 7-8lbs of boost safely. Anything over that your treading on thin ice. I would only use the SAFC if you get the chip running and want to fine tune on the go, not sure I would use it stand alone.

Good Luck, hope this helps

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